Andrew Paterson

I was born and raised in Canada and had some amazing experiences there as a youngster thanks to my offbeat mother and overly creative father. When my parents decided to move to Spain, I ended up becoming a founding coach at NBTA and playing a few years of pro tennis. While in Florida, I met some influential veterans and decided to look for leadership and purpose by joining the US Special Forces and almost made it, with the cadres endorsements I should have recycled, but I was devastated and turned the page (I continue to support the GBF). Onwards to Europe, a series of socially successful corporate roles and challenges but my thirst for purpose was still intact and I decided it was time to start doing something to make the world a better place to live, instead of just talking about it. So, I launched @laneo, a social enterprise, to cleanup the planet and engage people and brands through experiential education - some things worked, others not as well, but I'm proud of what we accomplished and I know we made a difference doing it. After that I co-founded @guidigo which was a memorable adventure, grew @doblet and advised a bunch of other startups as my way of giving back. Because causes are a big part of my life, I'm a delegate for @mountainwilderness and do as much as I can on @kiva to help others. I live in Bordeaux and love moments with my family & friends, good music, fine wine, backpacking, slack-lining, travel, a simple life and especially hanging out with my other half and doing anything to make my young son smile. 


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