I advise founders of early and growth stage startups

I advise founders of startups on customer-facing
challenges, tactics, and strategies.

I’ve been involved in over thirty startups over the past fifteen years, and I spend a lot of my time trying to work out how to give good advice and make it meaningful for the teams I work with. To a large extent, most of my time is spent asking questions and listening, providing context and perspective when needed, and foremost, sharing method so you can fundamentally continue on your own. But, I don't just sit there and dispense advice from the sidelines, I get involved and here’s how.

  • Business development - I help you open pathways, create channels, conduct partnerships, work events, push brand placement, uncover market expansion, build awareness and manage strategic growth opportunities.

  • Customer development & experience - I help you discover and validate market opportunities, experiment product features that solve customers needs, test acquisition and conversion models, and refine brand touchpoints.

  • Sales & marketing automation - I help you build a sales team, lay out the customer buying process and personas, assemble the necessary collateral, customize pipeline functionality, determine targets, and setup performance displays.

I don't recommend anything I haven't already done myself, and I don't subcontract nor am I affiliated with any brand or product. Bottom line, real-life relevant experience vs. theory. Learn more about my teaching & writing, get in touch or simply choose a time to chat that works for you, thanks!