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The Fable Of Free

Before the internet, everything outside a cup of sugar or washing liquid from your next-door neighbour was for sale. Then suddenly, things of apparent usefulness started to appear for free and soon trying to get someone to pay for something became difficult. For startups, this forgotten truth forced the majority to raise money on hypothetical future cash flows and produced a series of ‘bubbles’ and cohorts of belly-upped companies.

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You Don’t Have To Follow Everyone, You Can Change Lanes

Swimming is a very repetitive and solo endurance sport, you have to complete countless laps in a pool before even starting to feel like you’re moving forward somewhat gracefully using one of the accepted styles. This is a pretty similar equation to most startup communities; a lot of isolated drudgeries and the occasional meetup but all, swimming in the “same lane” after the same goal.

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It’s Going To Be Long, So Why Not Enjoy It

In my view, starting off on a long trek is like launching a startup. You know from the start that it’s going to be a long haul but instead of being stressed, multitasking all the way and trying to control everything, you embrace the journey because of the mesmerizing length, impending beauty, and pure discovery. That mindset could be the difference between succeeding with your venture or failing.

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