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Sales Quotas Are Just One Pea In The Pod

Have you ever taken a Fitness Gram / Cooper Pacer Test? It’s a program that is used by sports coaches and trainers to estimate an athlete’s VO2 max that is one of the dominants of endurance sports performance criteria. It is also comprehensively only one facet of athletic performance and thus should be kept in perspective. The same rationale should be applied to sales quotas — they’re just one “pea in the pod” of sales performance.

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Pivoting Is Overrated, Maybe Your Execution Needs Improvement

There’s a common belief in the internet industry that when your service or product is not performing, you need to “pivot”, changing your course of direction to pursue a new and fundamentally different objective. Not a day goes by without an announce on popular websites and specialist blogs that some up & coming startup has “pivoted” because they have found their new gold lying under some stone on the side of their current route.

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Eyes Off The Data, Look Around You To Grow Your Business

You know why there are still pilots in planes? Because of all the unforeseen, unexpected and unimaginable things that can happen particularly around crowded airports and dense fly through zones. Same thing goes for surgeons, downrange military personnel and judges. The parallel between these jobs and your’s of running a startup or SMB is straightforward; take your eyes off (out of) the data and look around you.

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