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Pivoting Is Overrated, Maybe Your Execution Needs Improvement

There’s a common belief in the internet industry that when your service or product is not performing, you need to “pivot”, changing your course of direction to pursue a new and fundamentally different objective. Not a day goes by without an announce on popular websites and specialist blogs that some up & coming startup has “pivoted” because they have found their new gold lying under some stone on the side of their current route.

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What The App Industry Could Learn From The World Of Fashion

Your daily choice of clothing is mechanical yet over time, we all tend to become unsatisfied with our wardrobe and want change. Popular fashion brands are probably the most influential component of our ever-changing dress trends, they manage the incomprehensible feat of influencing people to replace perfectly good clothes with others that are practically identical. Can this seemingly unstoppable force be transposed elsewhere?

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Choosing Emotion Over Skill

When I’m out & about and run into street musicians, one thing always comes to mind; was it their raw skill that made me stop and listen or the emotion they conveyed to everyone around them. It’s these types of people who can bring and help build an inestimable ‘purpose’ in your startup because they’re able to readily connect with people.

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Never Overlook Form When Dealing With Your Customers

I think it’s become “trendy” to talk from the hip with customers in the digital economy. And I don’t think it’s the right way to do long term sustainable business. Disrespect, lightness & irony lead to shallow relationships, infidelity & ignorance which inevitably finishes up by destroying any brand reputation you might have had and punishing sales. All because of “form”.

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What Are They Thinking Across The Table

You’re negotiating your startup’s future and the person across from you fingers through a notebook while glancing occasionally at the slide deck that you have painstakingly put together for this meeting. He alternates his edginess between his iPhone and stylish pen while intermittently asking you to explain an occasional number or market assumption. He doesn’t care about you, it’s his exit that interests him.

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Want To Make An Impact? Stay Off The Stage

Remember the legend of Icarus? Daedalus warns his son of complacency and excessive self-confidence and, not to fly too close to the sun. Icarus heeds his father’s advice and sure enough, his wings melt and plummets into the sea and drowns. This tragic theme of failure at the hands of hubris is a good illustration that some need to remember in today’s divinatory startup eco-system.

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Eyes Off The Data, Look Around You To Grow Your Business

You know why there are still pilots in planes? Because of all the unforeseen, unexpected and unimaginable things that can happen particularly around crowded airports and dense fly through zones. Same thing goes for surgeons, downrange military personnel and judges. The parallel between these jobs and your’s of running a startup or SMB is straightforward; take your eyes off (out of) the data and look around you.

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You Don’t Have To Follow Everyone, You Can Change Lanes

Swimming is a very repetitive and solo endurance sport, you have to complete countless laps in a pool before even starting to feel like you’re moving forward somewhat gracefully using one of the accepted styles. This is a pretty similar equation to most startup communities; a lot of isolated drudgeries and the occasional meetup but all, swimming in the “same lane” after the same goal.

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It’s Going To Be Long, So Why Not Enjoy It

In my view, starting off on a long trek is like launching a startup. You know from the start that it’s going to be a long haul but instead of being stressed, multitasking all the way and trying to control everything, you embrace the journey because of the mesmerizing length, impending beauty, and pure discovery. That mindset could be the difference between succeeding with your venture or failing.

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