Laneo was a global initiative that connected people, brands and environmental groups to cleanup the planet that I founded in 2006. My vision was that the magnitude of environmental problems that our society faces today, cannot be adequately resolved by traditional non-profit “philanthropic” measures. So I created Laneo who's mission was to sponsor grassroots community nature Cleanup Projects. In the fall of 2011, I had to make the tough decision to stop our work, but I know that one day, we'll be back, more prepared and not quite as nice as before.


Door Photography

The project started out one day while traveling, I was walking down a street and stopped in front of small house with a (surprisingly beautiful) front door slightly ajar which revealed behind a stunning small garden and intricately decorated patio. I started looking at door's from that moment onward and captured the one's I found that had something to say. This is an ongoing project that will soon produce a first printed volume (more news here soon), in the meantime, enjoy on EyeEm (currently moving over from Instagram).

malcolm-character_sketches (1).jpg

Children’s Book

I love children. I've been blessed to have one and he reminds me everyday how wonderful the world can be as long as you keep dreaming and looking towards the horizon. People have said that I've managed to ignore what many have said has always been my gift; working with children. This project is a calling from inside me, proof that it's not too late. This illustrated book for young children (6-9 year olds) is a story of boy's path from boredom to adventure. The manuscript is currently under review with my editor and is scheduled to be published late 2019.